Tony Marinelli Has Over 20 Years Of Experience

About Vanscape

Established in 2007, Vanscape Contracting has been redefining the commercial and residential landscaping industry by delivering comprehensive, creative, and customized solutions to cater to all the landscaping and construction needs of the people of Coquitlam.

Committed to delighting our clients, we don’t just help transform the exterior of the property; we enhance customers’ overall living experience by optimizing for their comfort and convenience.

The Start of The Dream

Vanscape Contracting is a renowned landscaping contractor in British Columbia, standing out due to its invaluable experience, professional and bespoke services, desire to innovate, and extensive portfolio.

It all started when Tony Marinelli, our founder, stepped into the construction and landscaping market around 20 years ago.

From then on, he has overseen the successful completion of countless projects, including multi-family townhouses, high and low-rise apartments, warehouses, and shopping centers.

Eventually, this led to the formation of a company that has now become the go-to landscaping choice for many in the city.

Every Project is a Creative

At Vanscape, we see every project as a unique opportunity to breathe new life into properties.

From our contracting and civil services to our landscaping projects, we focus not only on fulfilling the requirements but also on enhancing design, usability, and aesthetics for every commercial and residential property.

Following are the services we provide:




Quality, Safety, & Affordability

Three essential values are at the heart of the way we go about our work at Vanscape:
  • A promise of unmatched quality and customization
  • Prioritizing the safety of our team and our customers
  • Delivering on-demand and affordable services to all Coquitlam residents

Vanscape Contracting – The Creative Option For Your Property